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August 03, 2006



Cicadas - ick! They invaded NJ one summer when I was in HS and were so loud that you could hear them through the phone.


You know, about 9-10 years ago, I went through a period of stress & I kept hearing a rushing, roaring sound in my ears. I went to Barnes Hospital (big teaching hospital in St. Louis) and they finally determined I was literally hearing the blood whooshing as it was going to my brain! It finally went away on its own, but it was absolutely maddening. I finally told myself at least I knew my brain was getting circulation - but we did a battery of hearing tests & my hearing was acutely perfect - something that's reassuring since I feel like I miss hearing things a lot, they think I just hear "more" than most people, so it's harder to filter & focus on one thing. In any event, it might be what you're hearing....


I'm glad you got a diagnosis, even if there's little to be done about it. Hopefully it will go away soon! I'm surprised you were able to go boating and skiing with the dizziness!


Hope your feeling better soon!

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