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July 26, 2006



Whoa...is he SURE it's your inner ear?!? Ok, sorry, been reading way too many women's magazines about women's symptoms doctors misdiagnose. I need to lay off the Redbook.

Anyway, take care of yourself, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Aww I hope you feel better. Those *presents to yourself* from Etsy should do the trick!! I'm so jealous! And that rose. Wow - I thought "how is this lady going to send her a real rose in the mail??" heh Then I read the description! Wow. So cool. And the painting. So awesome - that's a go-anywhere awesomeness.

Have a super wonderful Happy Birthday, though I think I missed it. I hope you are still feeling the birthday glow. :)


Happy Birthday Kyra!

Barkley looks like I've been feeling lately too. But he looks SO cute!


Happy Birthday!!! That rose is stunning. What a fantastic gift for yourself!


Hppy Birthday! I hope you and Barkley stay cool!


Happy belated birthday! You bought yourself some great gifts...I especially love the painting. I had the same kind of inner ear thing early this year...never went to the doctor, eventually it did go away but I had it off and on for several weeks. Let me know what happens!


If your bed is spinning without benefit of alcohol, you need to call in an Exorcist! It's too hot to knit so Duane may need to move his b'day to Sept. this year. I just got the new Interweave Knits magazine yesterday, full of WONDERFUL things I want to knit but can't bring myself to get serious about just yet in this beastly heat.

That rose is beautiful!!

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