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September 09, 2008



I'm sorry. Sammy's a rough and tumble bloke, giving everyone the what-for. I know he will be happy as long as he is with you, and for both of you, I hope it's a nice chunk of pain-free time.


Oh, I am so so sorry. I hope Sammy proves medical science wrong. After all, it looks like he already has for some time.


I hope you have many wonderful days and months with Sammy. Sorry.


Well, that sucks. What a cute little fellaw! I hope that it's not for a long time & when that time comes he goes peacefully in his sleep.


Sorry to hear your little fellow is crook. Enjoy him and the happiness he gives you.

kristi and otis

so sad, thoughts are with you. Sammy is in good hands with your love.


I'm so sorry Kyra. The little guys are never with us long enough. Sammy looks like a sweet little guy, and I hope he enjoys many more months with you.


Oh, Kyra, I'm so sorry for you and for Sammy! I hope he enjoys many more loving days with you.

jo Ann Leach

just continue to love him with all your might as you ALWAYS have - thinking of you and sending Sammy lots of happy and loving doggie thoughts and prayers .....


{{{{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}}}}(((((((((((HUgga sammy))))))))) :)
He's defied the odds thus far. Enjoy every second of life.
xo dawn

shannon in oregon

love to you...


Proof that JRTs have the biggest and best hearts in the world...they keep ticking even when there's something wrong so they can keep on loving us. Many many hugs and much love from us and our two to you and yours.


I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything but can you take him for a second opinion? My friend took two new kittens she just got (back in the 80's) to the vet for check ups. One checked out fine, the other came back with FIV. The vet had her convinced it was best to put the little girl down and she came real close to doing it but decided to wait a bit and went to get a second opinion. The test turned out to be a false positive and the cat,to the best of my knowledge is still living...least she was 3 years ago when we were still speaking.

Maybe Sammy isn't really that bad. Cherish the time with him you have but maybe seek out a second opinion. It's always possible there was something a little funky going on that day that really isn't there normally.

I've grown real leery with my vet since it went from a guy running a business he loved to VCA Pet taking it over-I don't like them one bit. They're always trying to push pet insurance on me and this test and that test and put her in the hospital because of this or that. I need to see if my old vet is still in business.


I'm so sorry. It breaks my heart reading about this. I hope you have time to love and cuddle him. And I'm sure he knows he's loved.

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