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July 21, 2008



I don't like summer heat and humidity. Sounds like the doldrums to me! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doldrums


I hate summer, too! And don't worry about the job - you will be great. Just be yourself. You are the kindest, most helpful person I know - they will love you.


Seems a lot of folks are in a creative slump this summer. I think the heat just wipes out our will to DO much of anything. I actually like summer but I really like my AC! Hang in there...things will turn around!

jo Ann Leach

you should have an i-phone ... tell him that is what you want for your b-day present
here to tell you those phones are the BEST ! as are YOU -
totally is the heat and how it makes one feel
start back to ww's - don't give up and don't kick yourself
i am with kristin - be yourself and the job thing will happen in spades !


Have a Happy Birhtday!! Be good to yourself, do something just for you. The job thing will happen, give it time..Holding good thoughts for you,

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