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July 23, 2008


kristi and otis

That phone is on my Christmas list - cause diapers and food apparently are more important right now. Give yourself some time...you'll get back to a focus when your head is in the right place...at least that is what I keep telling myself.


Hmmmm....so if I don't hear back from this job I just applied for, by that logic I get to go buy a Crackberry, right?!? I want one sooooo bad....


Yay for new phones! A tip on the battery life - the new 3G comes with many settings turned up high, particularly the brightness (which really eats battery!) and sometimes the network and bluetooth "roaming". If you have good 3G coverage and you don't have a bluetooth device, these things can be turned way down or off. That will save battery too.

Have fun!


I forget when I first got my iPhone, last year sometime but the battery is still trucking. Not so for my poor iPod which gets more use than I ever thought possible. I agree with Jillian-turn off Bluetooth if you're not using it. Same with Wifi.

LOL! On the Ambien...I have a friend in Oregon who takes that...it doesn't work to put her to sleep but relaxes her quite enough to do her music. Go figure LOL!


Knitty said "No," to my men's sweater submission, so... I need the Bluetooth headphones for my cellphone, right? I need something because all the wine in the house is now gone and I'm on my last chocolate chip.

There's nothing more fun than looking at candid photos, wondering who the fat chick is that's wearing the same outfit as you. It's why I'm sadly kidding about the whine- uh, wine and chocolate.

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