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June 07, 2008


kristi and otis

Those are the coolest shoes EVER! I love them - whats the name?

shannon in oregon

I now am up to six pairs of El Naturalistas in my closet...it's a sickness, really. They are crazy comfortable AND they don't do horrible things to the environment (natural veggie dyes, natural and recycled rubber soles, etc).

I am smitten with the company and their shoes. I mean, what's not to like about Spanish brothers? Mmmmm, Spanish brothers (who are very handsome indeed...wonder if they will be in Vegas in July for the shoe show?).


I love them. But you knew I'd say that, right?


1. LOVE the shoes!
2. LOVE the new cute lampy! I just won (today!) an auction on ebay for a tiny oil lamp with spinning wheel decoration on it similar to that but much smaller. And prolly way less shipping. :)
3. Hooray about finding the cat!
4. Bloglines is NOT updating your blog like it should! Or maybe they just think I've stopped reading blogs? Hm.
5. Congratulations on breaking the 10lb barrier! I've been messing with it since January and haven't broke 10lb. Ugh.

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