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April 01, 2008



Kyra, you are so talented. I had no idea you were such an excellent artist! Is there anything you can't do?


Total work of art - gonna make more? I might need one. :)


How awesome! You ARE very talented. I'll be you could sell many more of this design!


Kyra, thanks you so much! You rocked the gnome wand!!!! You ARE super talented. I am very thankful to have found you.
Keep making those gorgeous hooks!

kristi and otis

I don't spin or spindle or drop or whatever...but that is gorgeous!


That is amazing. I don't spin, and yet I want one now. Must step away from the pretty blog pictures. Someday, if I pick up spinning, I know where to go for one of those things (not really sure what it does or is, but I know it is spinning related and beautiful)!

shannon in oregon

I love love LOVE the gnome!!! My realtor collects gnomes. Sadly she doesn't spin or knit though...

I'm like knittinggnome, I don't spin, but I want one! :)

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