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April 18, 2008



Oh my gosh. Where is Mt Carmel? Near Chicago? I could look it up I guess.

About 16 1/2 yrs ago there was a guy who had a theory about an earthquake that was supposed to happen along the fault line that runs through the St. Louis area and we lived there at the time. The quake didn't happen but everybody really did a lot of prevention measures (securing filing cabinets, etc) in case of something crazy like that.

What was the Richter scale of it?


Weird to think of earthquakes so close to home. Hope your family is O.K.!

shannon in oregon

Hope you have heard from the family and all is well.

We've had a few quakes since living in Portland. I've only felt one. Kev's never felt any of them.


All ok Kyra? Sure hope so. Read your past few posts. Stick with what makes you happy girl. Life is toooo short. You have a wonderful thing going with letting your creativity fly on Etsy...Keep letting it flow, and take the best care of you that you can. Inside and out. Sometimes the husbands just say really really dumb things. It's the eighth wonder of the world that we understand each other at all! I don't love to exercise either. We get older, need more muscle to burn those calories. I just joined a "girl-gym". 30m mins-- you know the ones... you can live through anything for 30 mins! Especially with the GREAT music ( snicker-- toot toot, heeeeey, beep beep!)Hang in there sister! email me if you want. xo

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