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January 03, 2005



HAHAHAHAHA! My, what big horns you have, dear sir! Would you like to play the pencil sorting game?

Hope you & yours had a merry New Year! See you soon!


It's just so "fitting". Whoever took the picture is an "arteest".
What is on the table? Pick up sticks? lol


Maybe you should have a caption-writing contest...very funny! I also want to know what the table-top activity is.


Hey everyone,
We're trying to figure which pencil is missing out of a 28 pencil set. I found these NFL teams pencils at the thrift store. It's from the 80's or so, so the teams are not the same as they are now. Anyway, there were only 27 pencils left, and we were working on which one was gone. (It was the NY Giants...)



the horns are too funny!

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